Chicken People (PG)

Chicken People movie poster

Chicken may just be food to some people, but raising the perfect show chicken is an all-consuming passion for others.

CHICKEN PEOPLE follows the trials and tribulations, hopes and fears of those who breed poultry for competition on the high stakes chicken show circuit. In a world where a bent feather can mean a dream dashed, CHICKEN PEOPLE begins at the Ohio National Poultry Show, where each November poultry breeders gather with the goal of winning the title of Grand Champion. In competition among them are Brian Knox, an engineer; Shari McCollough, a homemaker and mother of five; and Brian Caraker, a musical theatre star from Branson, Missouri, all with the belief that their chickens have the mettle for the top prize.

A plucky and heartfelt documentary following people whose deep love for their birds results in chickens being considered part of the family, the result is a feathered, sincere real life version of Best in Show that highlights the joy inherent in sharing your life with animals.

"one of the most enjoyable, educative films I have seen in a while.” – THE AUSTRALIAN

"may be the most confusingly endearing documentary you have ever seen." - FILMINK AUSTRALIA

"an engaging bunch of obsessives to guide us through the complexities that govern the world of the competitive poultry show" - SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

"entertaining, amusing, fascinating and above all, surprising." - URBAN CINEFILE

"A fun and at times astonishing film." - NY TIMES

"An illuminating and amusingly entertaining look at the thriving subculture of competitive poultry breeders" - VARIETY

"The beguiling documentary Chicken People proves that truth is not only stranger than fiction, but often more poignant and illuminating as well." - LA TIMES

Director: Nicole Lucas Haimes


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