Kiki, Love to Love (MA 15+)

Kiki, Love to Love movie poster

Best Comedy winner at the 2017 Feroz Awards.

The #1 smash hit of hte 2017 Spanish Film Festival, where it premiered as the Opening Night Gala to riotous audience reactions, Paco León's vibrant new comedy follows a collection of lovers through a series of intertwined stories, delivering an outrageously provocative take on what can happen behind closed doors.

In present day Madrid, against a scorching summer heatwave, five tales of love and lush unfold. Ana and Paco are stuck in a rut, but jolted by a curious invitation from their flirtatious neighbour Belén, who has just split from her girlfriend. Beautiful young couple Alejandro and Natalia face an impasse over the lingering effects of an unexpected encounter, one that has left Natalia feeling very aroused. Middle-aged José Luis accidentally discovers a new form of pleasure in his relationship with demanding wife Paloma. A routine task for single call-centre employee Sandra turns unexpectedly erotic, while Maria accidentally discovers just how attractive her husband Antonio can be, albeit when at his most vulnerable.

Freely - and savvily - adapted from Australian Josh Lawson's 2014 comedy The Little Death, León's stylish injection of Latino spirit and Almodóvar-esque blending of humour and pathos makes the film irresistibly unique, in  no small way thanks to his talented ensemble of Spain's brightest stars. Laugh-out-loud funny with its subversive but honest approach to love and sex, Kiki, Love to Love manages to be both a hugely pertinent and entertaining celebration of passion, and a reminder that love can take many forms.

"Feel-good fun. An upbeat, vibrant crowd-pleaser. Sexy, daring, transgressive, brightly coloured and often very funny" - HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

"Luminous, festive and celebratory. Approached with exquisite taste and joyful sensitivity" - EL PAÍS

Cast: Natalia de Molina, Álex García, Jacobo Sánchez, Álex García, Paco León, Candela Pena, David Mora, Belén Cuesta

Director: Paco León


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