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Animals (MA 15+)

Animals movie poster

An adaptation of Emma Jane Unsworth acclaimed 2014 novel from Australian director Sophie Hyde.

A bittersweet tale of two friends growing up and growing apart. Laura and Tyler are soulmates. Thirty-something best friends and revellers residing in Dublin, they are ingrained in the fabric of each other's lives; dating, partying, drinking and living their life without limitations. American ex-pat, Tyler - a siren of drugs, alcohol and debauchery - lures aspiring writer, Laura, away from her long overdue novel as well as her new beau, the irresistibly handsome Jim. A tee-total classical pianist, Jim is the antithesis of Tyler and the world she and Laura inhabit, and with his presence the girls' hedonistic double act finds itself in jeopardy. While Tyler wants to keep the party going, Laura, buoyed by Jim's restraint and stability, starts to emerge from her years of partying, searching for her place in the world. Caught between desires - youth and adulthood, her old self and her future self - Laura impulsively gets engaged to Jim, knocking Tyler for a loop. Bereft at the thought of losing of her partner in crime, Tyler spies a chance to rock the boat of the "perfect" life Laura can see on the horizon, but in doing so inadvertently helps Laura find a new unexpected path to independence.

★★★★ "a wonderful, utterly lived-in film about two women at a crossroads" - GUARDIAN

★★★★ "a funny and feral take on female friendship" - UK METRO

★★★★ "delightfully defiant celebration of women's imperfections. 
Stick with them through the chaos and you'll be rewarded with an utterly electric tale of female friendship" - EMPIRE MAGAZINE

"revels in the messiness of life, and the many love stories it can contain" - INDIEWIRE

"a pleasingly disorderly addition to the still-underpopulated ranks of female friendship studies" - VARIETY

"a smoothly-made, beguiling tale of female friendship, which, like its protagonist Laura (Holliday Grainger), sometimes feels a little lost, in need of a home." - SCREEN INTERNATIONAL

Cast: Holliday Grainger, Alia Shawkat, Fra Fee, Dermot Murphy

Director: Sophie Hyde


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