MGFF24: Femme (R18+)

MGFF24: Femme movie poster

Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (Benjamin, QSFF19) and George MacKay (Pride, QSFF14) are phenomenal in this acclaimed neo-noir thriller about internalised homophobia and the limits of queer resilience.

Jules’ entire life falls apart after he’s the victim of a violent gay bashing whilst in drag. Months later, a vulnerable Jules spots his attacker at a gay sauna. When it becomes clear the deeply-closeted Preston doesn’t recognise him out of drag, Jules makes a split-second decision to pursue him, setting in motion a tense game of cat and mouse. As he dives deeper into Preston’s world of power plays, drug dealing and performative masculinity, how far is Jules willing to go to get revenge?

Content warning: contains depictions of homophobic violence and revenge porn themes.

8 BIFA 2023 NOMINATIONS including Best British Independent Film.
3 BIFA 2023  WINS including Best Joint Lead Performance.

Berlin International Film Festival Panorama 2023

Cast: Aaron Heffernan, George MacKay, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett

Directors: Sam H. Freeman, Ng Choon Ping

"Subversive, unsettling and sexually charged … A picture that reframes the neo-noir by harnessing a hate crime and diverting its power into a thrillingly transgressive erotic thriller" SCREEN DAILY


Saturday, 23 March 2024: 8:30 PM (ends 10:20 PM) Book NowNote: Tickets $15/13

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