Mount Vic Flicks will be closed 20-26 June.

In the near future where artificial intelligence reigns supreme, human emotions have become a threat. To get rid of them, Gabrielle must purify her DNA by going back into her past lives. There, she reunites with Louis, her great love. But she is overcome by fear, a premonition that catastrophe is on the way. Punctuated by a career-defining, three-role performance by Seydoux, The Beast poignantly conveys humanity's struggle against dissociative identity and emotionless existence.

Deep in the Wild Southern Ocean, halfway between Australia and Africa, a snowy volcano, almost three thousand meters high, rears from the sea like a Great White Whale. Five times that Great White Whale of a mountain tried to kill the first team that attempted it. Yet back they sailed, through the worst seas in the world, to try again. International Grand Prize winner.

Join us for a Q&A screening of The Koalas. In 2022 the Australian government listed the koala as endangered. After 25 million years’ survival, how can this much-loved, iconic marsupial be at risk of extinction in the wild? Filmed on Australia’s east coast and in Ballarat, with expert commentary throughout, The Koalas investigates the impact of habitat loss and other mounting threats that necessitate urgent action.