The Koalas - Q&A Screening (G)

The Koalas - Q&A Screening movie poster

Join us for a Q&A screening of The Koalas with Jon Dee talking after the film.  Jon Dee is one of Australia’s most influential figures on environmental issues, who has inspired millions of Australians in to making positive environmental and social change. In 1991, he co-founded Planet Ark with Pat Cash and has been closely involved with the campaign to Save Sydney Koalas. 

Wildlife carers observe an increase in sick and injured koalas coming into care. A government enquiry finds that the koala could be extinct in the wild by 2050. Firestorms in 2019/20 followed by floods kill an estimated 61,000 koalas. Saving the koala will take more than the promise of emergency government funding, scientific research, or rescue and care. This film follows the fate of individual koalas that have survived so far but whose future is uncertain. Weaving stories with compelling characters- wildlife carers, scientists, and ecologists in the field, and informed commentary the film questions whether Australia can save an iconic threatened species like the koala. If not, what does it say about us?

The Koalas takes audiences on a journey into the lives of individual koalas, led by charismatic characters - Wonnie, Bexley, Tom, Baz, Coral and adorable joeys Hope and Pala. As these stories unfold we witness the unique characteristics of koalas, their bond with their young, and the wildlife carers they come into contact with. These seven emerge as ambassadors for all koalas facing threats to their ongoing survival.

Director: Gregory Miller

"You’ll be charmed.  You’ll be dismayed.  And then I bet you’ll be as angry as hell at what’s being done to koalas in your name and in your own lifetime. But I hope you’ll act on that rage and be a part of the change that desperately needs to happen." TIM WINTON

"Action comes out of brilliant movies like The Koalas. Have a look. Get your friends to see it. Send a copy to your politician and ask them for action. Because we and the koalas depend on us taking action." BOB BROWN


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